Banana Nutella Sandwich

Nutella the name itself makes drool,these days nutella has become our family favorite especially my kiddo loves it a lot.Today's recipe for the Blogging Marathon#25 is Banana Nutella sandwich,though I have sweet tooth I don't like to have anything sweet for breakfast but this one is exceptional.There is no specific recipe for this sandwich,it can be made with 2 or 3 slices of bread with generous nutella.Now on to my version of sandwich recipe which is for single serving........................


Wheat/White bread3 slices
Granulated sugar/brown sugar2tsp
Banana(sliced)1no.(medium size)
Nutella 1tbs or as needed
Maple syrupas needed


  1. Heat a griddle in a medium flame,once it becomes hot drop a tsp of butter and place the bread slices. Flip it to the other side when it becomes golden,apply the remaining butter to the bread slices and cook it till golden. 
  2. Now sprinkle some sugar to both sides of the toasted slices and cook it till the sugar melts and caramalize. 
  3. Place the toast on a place,spread the nutella on a toast and cover it with another toast and keep the sliced banana.Close it with another toast. 
  4. Slice in diagonally and serve it immediately. 
  5. Top it with maple syrup and sliced banana. 


  • If you are using two slices of bread,after spreading the nutella top it with sliced banana.
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delicious and flavourful sandwich... looks fantastic...

Wonderful sandwich. Would surely try it out soon.

Love hvg bananas in sandwich....this is a yummy combo....

This is what I like when making sandwiches for myself. Just nutella and bananas.

perfect to start my day!!!!! so delicious an dinnovative sandwich!!!
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simple and yummy sandwich...

A wonderful combo which my kids love the most. Nicely made

I know nutella pairs up well with banana. Like this 3 tier bread sandwich with my addiction Nutella.

Chocolate and banana is a wonderful combination! The sandwich look yummy and its easy to make kids eat this too :)

these look super delicious...

nice combo of banana and nutella dear.. simply love it..

too delicious combo...loving this 3 tier bread sandwich :)

Yummy combo.. My daughter will love this. :)

looks so yummy and tempting.. my son's favourite

Anything with nutella, I am fine, delicious..

bananas and nutella always complement eachother so well

Omg, who can resist to this beautiful sandwich, my lil one's most favourite.

Nalini, even if I won't like a sweet breakfast you surely tempt me with your pictures..such a classic thing for my daughter!

We love nutella and I had posted a similar recipe a few months ago for sandwiches theme.Lovely clicks :)

Recipes like this are a must have for quick runs. Easy to assemble and yummy tasting sandwiches :)

this looks fabulous... mouth watering...

My favorite breakfast looks so tempting

My son's absolute favorite sandwich. Looks yumm!!

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