Paasiparuppu(Moong Dhal) Murukku

Paasiparuppu murukku is a crunchy snack which is so flavorful and has a distinct taste, also called as Maghizhampoo Murukku since the star shape blade is used.We make it for Diwali and originally it is deep fried in coconut oil which gives a nice aroma to this murukku.Here follows the recipe for tasty and crunchy murukku...


Rice flour 4cups
Moong dhal1cup
Butter 3tbs
Sesame seeds 2tsp
Asafoetida 1/4tsp
Salt to taste
Oil for frying


                    Pressure cook the  moong dhal with enough water till it becomes soft.Once it becomes cold mash it well.In a large mixing bowl take the rice flour,moong dhal,butter,sesame seeds,asafoetida and salt.
Mix it well,sprinkle water as needed and make a smooth and soft dough.
Heat the oil in the pan and meanwhile fill the murukku press with star shape disc and squeeze it on a flat ladle or small plates and drop it in the oil.
Fry it till both the sides get cooked and drain it in  paper towel.
Store it in an air tight container.

  • Sesame seeds can be replaced by cumin seeds(jeera).
  • Originally it is fried in coconut oil but here I mixed 2tbs of coconut oil in the regular oil to get the flavor.
  • Chilly powder can be added to get a spicy murukku.
  • Squeezing the murukku on a flat ladle is easy to drop in the oil. 
  • Butter can be replaced with hot oil or ghee

Sending this one to Cooking with Seeds - Mung Beans


Healthy and innovative Murukku Dear.Luks Yumm.Luv it

That's one crispy looking platter of chaklis.

luvly Murukku, admire the way u make it with real passion :)

lovely n delicious crispy fried ones!!

Crispy murukkus looks fabulous and quite inviting,thanks for sending Nalini..

looks extremely crispy and yummy.

this is my fav murukku but mostly i wont get it correctly...i will make as thool murukku :) ...will try your recipe ..yours looks crispy and crunchy!!

Wow........looks very crunchy & crispy...feel like grabbing some.

never had moong dal murukku, they have come out so crispy and yummy.

Looks super...Crispy crunchy..yummy

I luv murukku, looks crunchy n yummy....

Delicious and healthy muruku..

Murukku looks so crisp and crunchy. Will surely want to try it.
Thanks for dropping by and for those lovely comments. Would love to try your Ashoka Halwa too. Looks yumm.. Its in the name too. My family business and my son's name is related to this..:) Will surely give it a try.
Happy to follow u too..

Thanks for dropping by at my space,murukku looks so perfect.Gllad to follow u too.

thanks 4 d visit.............

Happily Following you.........
Murukku sounds wonderful.......

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