Kuzhi Paniyaram

Kuzhi paniyaram is simple breakfast or snack item which is popular in Tamilnadu especially Chettinadu,both sweet and savory versions can be made.This recipe I got it from my husband's grand mother who is an expert in cooking authentic dishes even at the age of 83.Whenever we visit her she makes both paniyaram for us  and accompanies with a spicy milagai chutney and coconut chutney.Yesterday I made the savory version which is called as masala paniyaram or kara paniyaram for evening snack....


Raw rice1cup
Boiled rice/Idly rice1cup
Urad Dhal1/4cup
Fenugreek seeds(vendhayam)1tsp
Onion2nos.(medium size)
Green chilly5-6nos.
Coconut(finely chopped)2tbs
Mustard seeds1tsp
Urad dhal2tsp
Channa dhal1tbs
Asafoetidaa pinch
Curry leaves2 sprigs
Coriander leaves(chopped)as needed
Saltto taste
Oilas needed

                  Soak the rice,dhal and fenugreek seeds for atleast 3-4 hours and grind it to a smooth batter with salt.Ferment the batter for 8-10 hours or overnight.
Keep the pan with a tsp of oil,once it is heated crackle the mustard seeds,urad dhal,channadhal.Add the curry leaves,asafoetida,and saute the onions till transparent.Finally add the salt,coconut pieces and coriander leaves and turn off the stove.Add this to the fermented batter and mix it well.
Heat the Paniyarm pan,add 1/2 tsp of oil in each mould,when the oil gets heated pour the batter 3/4 th of the mould.Once its cooked flip the paniyaram with the help or spoon or a knife and let it cook for a minute in a medium flame and drizzle little oil.
Paniyaram is ready.
Serve it with spicy milagai chutney or chutney of your choice
  • This paniyaram can be made with fermented idly batter.
  • Instead of adding channa dhal in the seasoning it can be soaked and add it to the batter.
  • If the batter is not fermented properly the paniyaram won't turn brown and doesn't taste good.


easy quick recipe......looks so delicious...different from the daily breakfast menu
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Perfect and one of our favourites

These look so delicious Nalini.......I surely have to buy a paniyaram pan now.

luks so delicious......will give a try 4 sure

looks delicious..i love these paniyarams, i too make these..

my fav.. and i love this a lot...very nice preparation and the paniyaram looks so inviting...

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This is my fav and I like and love to prepare it when I visit my hometown in traditional kal chatti. Feeling nostalgic.

Umm.. that looks so delicious!.

Love these cuties, they look so devourable n perfect!

This one is my all time fav :) Nice presentation dear.. loved your blog..happy to follow!
Thanks for leaving a nice comment at my space :)


replied back...did u check it???

Kuzi paniyaram looks delicious.

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