Coriander Chutney with No Coconut /Kothamalli Chutney

I have already shared a version of coriander chutney here.But this version of coriander chutney is different and uses a very few ingredients.

This chutney is a perfect accompaniment for idly,dosa.But I personally prefer to have it with curd rice.Also this chutney is perfect for travel,as it tends to stay for a day or 2 without refrigeration.

This chutney has become staple in my house these days as I have lot of home grown coriander leaves.When the chutney is hot,it may be slightly bitter but once it cool down it tastes so yummy.A good amount of tamarind and red chillies make this chutney finger licking.

                             Coriander Chutney with No Cococnut/Kothamalli Chutney

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 20 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 10 minutes
   Makes ~ 1.25 cups


Coriander leaves/kothamalli illai
3 cups(tightly packed)
a big gooseberry size
Red chilly/vara milagai
1 tsp
Mustard seeds/kadugu
1 tsp
a generous pinch
2 -3 tbs

  • Clean the coriander leaves in water for couple of times.Remove the thick stalk and keep the tender stalks.If needed chop the coriander leaves and set it aside.
  • In a blender jar take the red chillies,salt,tamarind and coriander leaves.Add 1/4 cup of water and blend it to a fine paste with intervals.
  • Heat a pan with oil and crackle the mustard seeds,add in the asafoetida.Now add in the ground coriander paste.Mix it well.
  • Let it cook in a medium flame till the oil separates.Put off the flame and check the seasoning.After cooling store in it an air tight container.

  •  Serve it  with idly or dosa.

  • The amount red chilly and given here is for a bit spicier version.Also my red chillies are extra spicy one.It can be altered according to personal preference. .
  • Use a clean dry spoon,if you are refrigerating and use it for 2-3 days.
  • The amount of tamarind plays an important role in both taste as well as shelf life.So adjust accordingly.



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    Nalini, that chutney looks so yum! the bright green colour of fresh coriander and the dark olive of the cooked chutney. I have never cooked coriander chutney this way, must try it.

    Tamarind in coriander chutney is new for me. It has added a beautiful deep color to the chutney.

    Wow chutney looks so yum.. never tried tempered coriander chutney.. sound interesting.

    Have not tried a cooked coriander chutney. This looks so good. Wish I could have some right away to spread on my toast.

    Wow! this looks very different from the usual chutney. Would love to have a scoop of the chutney with rice :)

    Tamarind in coconut chutney is new for me. Coriander chutney is always there in my fridge but I do not do any tempering. Need to try your version.

    Awesome chutney. This is one of my fav chutney while growing up. Mom used to make a similar version which used to be immersed in gingelly oil and apt for travels..

    I love this chutney very much with some soft idlies, how prefect they looks. My mom's signature dish.. Just love it.

    Coriander chutney is a staple in my home too, but never tried the cooked version. Will try soon

    what a fabulous creamy consistency - will definitely be trying this cooked version

    I always make coriander and mint chutney with anardana. This version with tamarind sounds very yummy too.

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