Bengali Tomato Chutney /Sweet and Sour Tomato Chutney /Tomato Chatni

We are starting the final week of blogging marathon 89th edition and I will be sharing the condiments on the side.
Condiments are part of everyday meal in most of the Indian cuisines.Mostly chutney,pickles,spice powders are consider as condiments and it complements the meal.

Today's recipe is a finger licking tomato chutney from Bengali cuisine.This chutney is a blend of sweet and sour taste.The addition of cashews and raisins give a nice texture and make the chutney rich.
Also mango pulp candy is used in the chutney to enhance the taste and the texture.As I don't have those,made without and the taste was so delicious.

This chutney can be relished with fried papad also.Though there are so many versions for this simple tomato chutney,I made it according to my family's taste and the availability of the ingredients.

The highlight of the recipe is the use of  Paanch Phoran(blend of five spices).For the Paanch Phoran spices,mix equal quantities of fennel seeds,mustard seeds,onion seeds(kalonji seeds),cumin seeds,and fenugreek seeds.

Paanch Phoran or Paanch Foran is an important spice blend in Bengali cuisine which gives a nice and aromatic flavor the the dish.

                                                       Bengali Tomato Chutney/Tomato Chatni

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 30 minutes
   Makes ~ 1.5 cups


300 grams
3/4- 1 cup
1/2 tsp
2 tbs
10-13 (halved)
Red Chilly powder/milagai podi
1/2 tsp
2 tbs

  For the Tempering

Paanch Phoran
1 tsp
a pinch
Red chilly/varamilagai

  • Chop the tomatoes and keep it aside.Heat a pan with  oil and do the tempering with red chilly and paanch phoran.Add the tomatoes along with salt and turmeric powder.
  • Cook it covered until the tomato becomes soft and mushy.Once it becomes soft add in the sugar and halved cashews.
  • Mix it well till the sugar dissolves,now add in the red chilly powder and mix it well.Let it bubble for 2-3 minutes.Add in the raisin and simmer it for a minute.Put off the flame when the chutney is in a thin consistency.Due the addition of sugar the chutney turns thicker after cooling.Store in an air tight container after it is cool down completely.

  • Serve it  as a condiment.

  • The amount of sugar depends on the sourness of the tomato,I used around 1 cup.
  • The chutney becomes thicker after cooling,so put of the flame when the chutney is in a slightly thinner consistency.
  • Store in the refrigerator in a clean air tight container.



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    Nice blend of tangy and spicy flavors. Addition of cashew and raisins is interesting.

    That's a wonderful mix of sweet and sour and I always love the fragrance that comes when panch phoran is used..lovely clicks Nalini, you make the whole dish look like dip and chips..:)

    Wow.. chutney makes me drooling... so beautiful and tasty.. bookmarked.

    Wow Nalini such a flavourful chutney, drooling here. Adding cashew nuts and raisins makes it even more appealing.

    Wow the chutney looks so so tempting, drooling here. Loved the use of cashew nuts, my first reaction after seeing the photos was wow, cashew nuts in chutney interesting.

    I have a bengali friend who shared her family recipe with me and this sounds just about the same. Lovely and tempting pictures.

    What a unique blend of flavours and textures. The addition of cashews and raisins and the panch phoran will surely make this chutney so delicious..

    Irresistible chutney, can smell the flavor of this chutney, look at the texture of the chutney, my mouth is just watering here.

    this is very similar to a chutney I made from one of my cookbooks many many years ago before I knew as much as I do now about Indian cooking - glad to know what region it comes from

    Omg! I'm just drooling at the sight of chutney... It looks so delicious with raisins and cashew

    OMG! Look at those plump cashews in the chutney! What great flavors and I love panch phoran. Will make it soon.

    Omg look at that amazing color of the tomato chutney. I once made it last year and totally loved it.

    Just look at the color of this chutney, Simply mouthwatering. Its increasing my hunger. Hope to follow and prepare your recipe anytime soon. Thank You.

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