Veg Grilled Sandwich/Bombay Sandwich

Sandwiches are my family's favorite and most our evening snack would be either sandwich or sundal or kozhukattai.These type of sandwiches are healthy and filling at the same time can be made in no time.Veggies such as cucumber,beet root can also be used.But today I used potato and onion,tomato also garnished with fine sev to give a nice crunch.The addition of chaat masala powder and mint chutney makes the sandwich perfect with a tangy taste.Lets move on to the recipe................................

                                                       Veg Grilled Sandwich/Bombay Toast

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 15 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 10 minutes
    Serves ~ 2


Bread(wheat or white)
4 slices
2 tbs
Potato/urulai kilangu(boiled&sliced)
1(large size)
Onion(roundly sliced)
1(medium size)
Tomato(roundly sliced)
1 tsp
Chaat masala powder
1 tsp
Red chilly powder(optional)
1/2 tsp
2 tbs
Fine sev(for garnishing)
1 tbs
2-3 tbs

  • Take all the veggies,chutney and bread ready.Take one slice of bread,apply butter then green chutney.

  • Keep the potato slices and sprinkle some chaat masala powder,then arrange the onion and tomato slices and sprinkle some chaat masala powder,red chilly powder.Finally add the grated panner and close it another slice of bread.Apply some butter on top the slice and grill in an electric grill or grill pan till it becomes nice and golden.

  • Garnish it with sev and serve it immediately.

  • Instead of paneer,grated cheese can be used.
  • If you want the sandwich to be spicy,sprinkle generous pinch of red chilly powder.


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Your clicks make this sandwich more appetizing.

They look so amazing!!! I want to make one now!

they look so pretty and filling is all time fav

The grill marks are amazing. Looks so crunchy.,

The stunning pictures make these sandwiches even more tempting!

Amazing pictures nalini...your clicks turn out so awesome yaar!..I love bombay toast..

Wow what a sandwich. A beautiful pic

the way you photograph these make it look so appetizing

Ithu aniyayam, kolluringale ma, ponga... Drooolingggggggggggggggg here..

Sandwiches are my favorite...Your pics are making them still more appealing!!! Love it :)

Love your version of veggie sandwich. Pics are stunning.

Stunning pics. I love your version

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