Green Peas Kheer/Matar Kheer

I end up the series of Blogging Marathon #41 with a sweet note and made a delicious kheer with green peas.Yes its green peas kheer,I saw this kheer in a T.V cooking competition and noted it.
I was bit hesitant to try this kheer how it tastes, so I made little quantity and the outcome is a super delicious,rich and creamy kheer.Both my kids enjoyed this exotic kheer,off to the recipe..................

Basic Information

Preparation Time ~ 5 minutes
Cooking Time ~ 20-25 minutes
Serves ~ 2 small serving


Green peas/pachai pattani
1/4 cup
Whole milk11/2 cups
Sugar/sakkarai3 tbs
Cardamom powder/elakkaia pinch
Ghee/nei2 tsp
Saffron/kungumapoo3-4 strands


Soak the cashews in warm water for 10 minutes,boil the milk and simmer it for 5-7 minutes.Meanwhile cook the green peas in water for 5-6 minutes.
Drain the water and grind it along with the cashews in a blender to a fine paste.Add little milk if needed while grinding.

Heat a tsp of ghee and add the ground peas,saute it for a minute or two to remove the raw flavor of the green peas.

Add the milk and cook it for another couple of minutes.Add the sugar and cook it until it gets thicken or about 3-4 minutes.

Fry the sliced almonds in another tsp of ghee in a pan and add it to the mixture.Add the cardamom powder and saffron,put off the flame.

Serve it chilled.


  • Since I used the whole milk,I didn't use condensed milk.If you want to use you can use a tbs of condensed milk and reduce the sugar quantity to 2 tbs.
  • Sliced almonds can also be ground and used to get a smooth kheer.

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This recipe is off to  Cook Book Challenge #9 June week 4.


so creamy and tasty.. love this light green color

Nice recipe...looking great!

Something unique... Visit my space too

Sounds interesting!kheer looks so creamy and the mild green color too :)

jus awesome.. yummy n creamy one

Sounds interesting... Looks very creamy n love the light green kheer... Looks like pistachios color...Superb...

Yummy looking kheer. Love the color.

Kheer looks like pistachio kheer with that lovely green color from the peas.. Mouthwatering kheer

Such lovely colour and so good..have had this on my to do list for such a long time..your pictures surely tempt Nalini..

I want that glass, soo irresistible and now i want to give a try to this kheer.

Lovely clicks Nalini. I made this a while back and loved it.

I would never have thought of kheer with this ingredient - lovely color

Lovely clicks. I stumped my family a few years back with this kheer. Loved it!

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