Carrot and Almond Kheer - Microwave Oven Method

Another session of Blogging Marathon has started and I am here with a simple and flavorful kheer.For this series of BM I chose to cook with alphabets in different cooking methods.
For the day 1 the alphabet is C and sharing you a kheer or milk recipe made in microwave oven.I have already shared a version of carrot kheer but this version is slightly different and no need of condensed milk or evaporated milk.
I made this kheer along with the soaked almonds and the output is so yummy and delicious.You can try the same method in the stove top also.Wth no further delay lets move on to the recipe.................................

Basic Information

Preparation time ~15 minutes
Cooking time ~ 20-25 minutes
Serves ~ 2


Carrot(grated)1 cup
Sugar/sarkarai1/2 cup + 1tbs
2% Milk/paal21/4 cups
Cardamom powder/elakkai1/4 tsp
Saffron/kungumapoofew strands
Ghee/nei2 tsp
Pisatchios/pistaas needed for garnishing

                            In a microwave safe bowl boil the milk for 8-10 minutes and soak the almonds for 15 minutes in hot water and peel the skin and keep it aside.
In a microwave safe bowl heat 1/2 tsp of ghee for a minute,then add the grated carrot and cook it for 2 minutes.Now add 1/4 cup of milk. 

Cook it for 2 minutes or till it becomes soft.Let it cool for couple of minutes.Now put the cooked carrot and soaked almonds in a blender and grind it to a fine paste.

Add a tsp of ghee in the same microwave bowl and heat it for a minute then add in the ground paste and cook it for a minute.Now add the sugar and let it cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Add in the milk and cook it for another 5 minutes.In between stir it for couple of times.Finally add the cardamom powder and saffron strands and give it a mix.

Serve it chilled.


  • The cooking time varies from oven to oven.
  • If you want to use sweetened condensed milk,add around 3 tbs and reduce the sugar quantity.
  • Cashews can also be added along with almonds.
  • Use a deep,wide mouth,microwave safe bowl to avoid spilling.
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That glass with kheer looks beautiful. I like this smooth version. .kids will love it . Very well made kheet.

Even I make carrot almond kheer but microwave version looks very good. Love the color of the kheer.

This is a such a nice variation to the carrot almond kheer. Love the texture and color.

Simply awesome and delicious looking kheer. A perfect 7 star dessert.

this sounds really delicious... bookmarked!

colorful and yummy kheer....happy to follow u.....

Kheer looks incredible, i can drink without any fuss, beautiful creation.

Kheer looks so tempting..I like your presentation !

looks very easy to make and you have pictured it beautifully

super colorful and yummy dessert this simple & sooth MW version...

Love the color of the Kheer and the pics are tempting as usual :)

Nalini, your pictures are stunning!..very beautifully done.

stunning pics Nalini ! excellent work :)

Yummy looking carrot kheer.

I think carrot and almond are really complementing each other as they together have come out so well!!! This sweet dish looks so scrumptious. Irresistible!!!

I never heard about it but it looks too delicious, Will share with mother n wife, hope they will able prepare it!

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I never listen about this, it's looking delicious and i am sharing it with my mother and wife.

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Thanks for the lovely post. Thank you again .

Awesome and delicious kheer, thanks for sharing.

This is the mouth-watering dessert. Thanks for posting such delicious recipe.

wow this recipe is mouth watering thank you for sharing

Thank you for such nice blog.
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thanks foe sharing recipe

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Very simple words have been used to explain this method and I understand everything well. Thanku so very much sharing this great recipe.

I have been using carrot in rice but never used in a kheer. It was an amazing idea and I will definitely use this idea. Thanks for this wonderful recipe. It looks delicious.

This carrot and almond kheer recipe is looking so delicious. I am going to try this. Thanks for sharing this post.

this is going to be a must try while we are at home

This looks so delicious, will try this absolutely, thank you for sharing this! food coupons

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Naliniji I just loved the recipe and it's really looking delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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