Spooky Witch Fingers for October Home Bakers Challenge

Being October Halloween month I chose recipes which fits to the theme for the Home Bakers Challenge,one among the recipe is Witch Fingers.
The recipe is from All Recipes.com with an egg,but I wanted to try without egg as Priya's,eggless version came out good.Just I skipped the egg part and rest of the recipe remains the same.Try this mouth melting witch finger cookies for the Halloween and enjoy,here goes the recipe....................

Basic Information

Preparation Time ~ 15 minutes
Resting Time       ~ 30 minutes
Baking Time       ~ 25 Minutes
Makes                  ~ 35-40 Cookies


All purpose flour22/3cups
Confectionery Sugar1 cup
Almonds/badam 3/4cup
Vanilla extract1/2tsp
Almond extract1/2tsp
Baking powder1tsp


Combine the butter, sugar and vanilla extract in a mixing bowl. Beat together with an electric beater until fluffy.Now gradually add the flour, baking powder, and salt, continuous beating to make into a dough.Wrap the dough in a cling wrap and refrigerate for 20-30 minutes

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Lightly grease baking sheets.
Remove dough from refrigerator in small amounts. Scoop a tbs of dough at a time onto a piece of waxed paper or a wooden board.
Roll the dough into a thin finger-shaped cookie. Press one almond into one end of each cookie to give the appearance of a long fingernail. Squeeze cookie near the tip and again near the center of each to give the impression of knuckles. Cut into the dough with a sharp knife at the same points to help give a more finger-like appearance.
Arrange the shaped cookies on the baking sheets. Bake in the preheated oven until the cookies are slightly golden in color, 20 to 25minutes.(for me it took exactly 25 minutes)

After cooling store it in an air tight container


  • If the dough is crumbly add couple of tsp of milk.


So perfectly made dear :) love the spooky effect

looks so perfect and spooky love it...

It really scary :-) perfectly made nalini

wow super spooky witch finger looks so beautiful :) perfectly made :) thank you for challenging this spooky treat for this month !!

This has come out soooo well !! Nice attempt, I will make them this weekend, link them soon :)

Witch fingers looks scary :) perfectly done Nalini! Will bake mine soon..

Looks perfect but scary to me Nalini.

Those cookies look spookily delicious :-) Thanks for the yummy choice of Halloween goodies.. Enjoyed making them and gobbling them :-)

Scary and really spooky ...
There is an event running on my blog .
Theme - lets celebrate halloween ...Do participate

Perfect Spooky fingers, and its scary to me :)

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