Paasiparuppu Urundai/Nei Urundai/Moong Dhal Ladoo ~ Easy Diwali Sweet

This is one of our family's favorite sweet and my mom never forgets to make this one and Rava Urundai for Diwali.This is one such simple and easy to make sweet with no fancy ingredients.
Though its easy to make sweet I never tried on my own until last year,as mom was here for Diwali.Last year when she made this sweet I noted it thought of sharing but due to poor lighting the picture were not good. Somehow this year I get a chance to share this recipe,try this simple yet delicious,authentic sweet for Diwali and enjoy.Now off to the recipe.........................

Basic Information

Preparation Time ~ 20 minutes
Cooking Time       ~ 10 minutes
Makes                    ~ 10 ladoos


Moong dhal/pasiparppu1/2cup
Cardamom/ellakai 3nos.


Fry the cashews in a tsp of ghee and keep aside.In the same pan dry roast the moong dhal in a medium flame till the aroma comes and becomes golden.

Once it cools down powder the roasted dhal in a blender or mixie to a fine powder and set aside.

Now take the sugar and cardamom powder it to a fine powder.In a wide mixing bowl mix both the powdered moong dhal and sugar,add the fried cashews and mix it well.

In a wide mixing bowl mix both the powdered moong dhal and sugar,add the fried cashews.Melt the ghee and add it to the powder,mix it well,at this stage the mixture looks crumbly.

Take a small amount of mixture in the palm and make a small ball.Arrange it on a plate.

Store it in an air tight container.


  • Roast the dhal in a medium flame to get evenly roasted,add the finely chopped cashews.
  • When you are making larger quantity add the hot ghee for a small amount of mixture and make the  balls.Then melt the ghee for the rest and add it.

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    omg such cute ladoos are making me drool here :) so perfectly made and looks super yummy dear :)

    Love these laddus! I made them once with whole moong dal!

    Would love to grab and have rite now, my favourite laddoos..

    you are making me so hungry right now :)

    Healthy ladoo and tempting click too..

    Traditional recipe, so tempting ...Thank you for sharing are adding equal quantity of sugar and pasiparuppu. I add only half of it. My kind of sweet. :-)

    That is a very interesting laddoo. We usually make with urad dal.

    Very easy and healthy ladoos :)

    Easy to make Delicious Treat!!! i m planning to make them for Diwali.

    Moong dal laddoo look very like the maa laddoos. Very nice.

    My all time favourite laddu you have made it so so perfect :) chancella that last click is awesome

    Such a beautiful looking laddos!

    Nice! thank you so much! Thank you for sharing. Your blog posts are more interesting and informative. Canine nutritionist

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