Thengai/Coconut stuffed buns

I am big fan of coconut bun which is available in the local bakery shop in my home town.I have been craving for some sweets since a week,to satisfy my sweet cravings made this coconut stuffed buns yesterday.It is a simple,easy to make bun and turned out good,we all enjoyed.
The weather was very bad,couldn't take more pictures.Somehow I managed to take very few clear pictures but I am not happy with that pictures,will update the picture when  I make next time.Now to the recipe.........  


For the outer dough 

All purpose flour/Maida2cups
Yeast(rapid rise)11/2tsp
Baking powder1/8tsp

For the filling
Tutty frutty2tbs
Cardamom powder1/2tsp
Butter or ghee2tsp


                 Activate the yeast by adding to the warm water,mix in sugar and milk.keep it in a warm place to get frothy.
Mix in all the ingredients along with the yeast mixture to form a soft dough.Keep it in a warm place to raise for atleast an hour.
Meanwhile prepare the stuffing,heat a pan with butter or ghee.Saute the coconut till the aroma comes out,add in the sugar and mix it well it become thick.Finally add the tutty frutty and cardamom powder,stir it well.Turn off the stove.
After an hour the dough would have doubled in size,punch down the air and divide into equal portions.Take one portion and press it gently,keep 2 tsp of the prepared stuffing and cover it by pulling the edges to the center and roll it gently in between the palms to get a nice and smooth buns.
Keep it on a greased baking tray,continue the same for the rest of the dough.Cover the baking tray with a wrap and let it sit for 30 minutes.After 30 minutes brush the top with milk or butter and bake it in a preheat the oven at 350 degree Fahrenheit for 20-25 minutes(mine took 20 minutes) till it becomes golden color.Once it is done take it from the oven and transfer the buns to a cooling rack and apply some butter.
Serve it as breakfast,brunch or snack.

  • Instead of white sugar brown sugar can also be used.
  • Using the tutty frutty is optional but it gives crunchy texture to the stuffing.
  • Finely chopped cashews can also used for the stuffing along with the coconut.

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This coconut buns are in my to do list, you have done prefectly Nalini..fabulous buns..

I do similar filling for a pie crust pastry. Nice.

Delicious Love this stuffed buns, I need to try them. You done very nicely.

Love these stuffed buns .. tasty.


The shape of the buns are different from the ones we get in India,but the pictures are tempting! Where did you get Tutti-frutti here?

I love anything with coconut and these look like my kind of buns.

Looks absolutely soft bun with perfect filling. Good one...I'm bookmarking it.

This is awesome. Even i wanted to try this for a long time and some how forgot. Will make this soon.

Those buns look delicious..

Bookmarking this....Its long time that my hus was asking me to prepare it..Looks superb..perfect and yumm..

Very nice love how well you have done!

I am loving these ..absolutely the stuffing..the minute i saw the tutti friuty with coconut and cardamons..I knew this has to be book marked...oh dear!! much to try...

Awesome the coconut filling any day! It reminds me of 'Dilpasand' from Iyengar Bakery in Hyderabad. But that is more like a flat bun.

I love these buns, drooling here..

Sweet Bun looks so tempting! I used to eat a flatter version of this bun when I was a kid.

wow..what a perfect bun, bookmarking it to try

Perfectly done. I too love this coconut bun.I learnt it in a bakery course some time back,yet to make it at home.

Such pretty buns. I bake a lot of bread and buns, but never the stuffed ones. Your step by step photos make it look so simple - I have to try :-). Thank you for sharing!
By the way, did you hear about RecipeNewZ (with Z). We're a new photo based recipe sharing community. We publish photos submitted by food bloggers with links back to their websites. Hundreds have already joined us in only 2 months since our launch. I hope you also get a chance to visit and maybe share some of your recipes :-)

Tried these buns and it came out very well. Thanks a lot for the recipe.

Hi Nalini, first time here... came here by searching for coconut buns, my hubby's fav! :) Good recipe, am hoping to try them out today. Glad to follow u:)

Hi Nalini... I tried out these buns and they were simply delicious!! :) Have mentioned you in my post :

Hai, can we skip baking powder?

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