Sweet Paniyaram

I have already posted the masala paniyaram (savory version),wanted to make the sweet version with palm sugar(karupatti).Unfortunately the palm sugar what I got was not good and finally ended up in making it with jaggery.
Both the savory and sweet version of paniyarams are served for breakfast in our house holds,but we feel it heavy for breakfast so serve this for dinner or evening snack.
Today is day 3 of blogging marathon under the theme fermented food and here goes the recipe..........


Idly rice/Pulungal arisi 1cup
Raw rice/Pacharisi1cup
Urad dhal1/4cup
Fenugreek seeds/Vendhayam1tsp
Jaggery 1/2-3/4cup
Gheeas needed
Salta generous pinch
Baking soda 1/8tsp
Coconut(grated) 2-3tbs(optional
Cardamom/Ellakai powder1/2tsp


                     Soak the rice,dhal and fenugreek seeds for atleast 3-4 hours and grind it to a smooth batter with salt.Ferment the batter for 8-10 hours or overnight.
  • Melt the jaggery with 1/4 cup of water,pass it through a strainer and add it to the batter.Add in the grated coconut,cardamom powder,baking soda to the batter.
  • Mix it well,heat the paniyaram pan,add 1/2tsp of ghee in each hole and keep it in a medium flame.
  • Drop in the batter to 3/4 of each hole and cook it covered for a minute or two in a medium flame.Flip it to the other side and cook it till it gets browned.Remove it from the pan.

  • Paniyaram is ready to serve.


  • Cooking the paniyaram in a medium flame is very important to get a nice brown color.
  • Adding the coconut is optional but gives a nice flavor and taste to the paniyarams.
  • The consistency of the batter should do slightly thinner than dosa batter.
  • Frying in the ghee gives a nice flavor and richness to the paniyaram,if you are calorie conscious then mix a tsp of ghee with the oil. 
  • The amount of jaggery depends on personal preference,I used 3/4 cup as we both have sweet tooth.


I make a sweet one too, but that doesn't have dal in it. This is entirely a new recipe. Nicely done.

Sweet paniyaram looks delicious.

they look solight and fluffy...just have to get one of those pans

Cute looking paniyarams,feel like gobbing some..

Perfectly done, very delicious with the jaggery and coconut in it..

Paniyaram looks cute..never tried with these ingredients..looks yum!

they look delicious! i have never tried the sweet version...

Looks so yummy...I love paniyarams. Nice recipe.

Sounds delicious and love the step-by-step pictures too.

sounds yummy.i think we r making unniyappam.but never add dal.

Those paniyarams are perfectly done. Sounds yummy.

Thats really cute paniyarams..Nalini..

Yummy paniyarams. Clicks are perfect with the right lighting Nalini.


yummy n sweet paniyarams....

Beautifully turned out paniyaarams...looks very yum

Super yummy, and the clicks are fabulous....

One of my fav. Looks absolutely divine. Loved all the clicks too...

Super delicious paniyaram..Luvly pics..

never made a sweet version...but surely sounds great...looks great too.

sweet paniyarams looks so yummy n tempting...beautiful clicks Nalini!! good job :)

Luv sweet paniyaram anytime..love ur presentation, and they looks super soft and perfect

wonderful clicks! Never tried sweet paniyarams though.

I used to make sweet paniyarams long back, not any more, should try it out some time, I don't know how my kids like it., they love only savoury food :). Inbtw beautiful clicks too

Never tried sweet version but they look very delicious.

I always prepare the savory version.Never really thought of making it sweet.Nice recipe and the clicks are superb...

we call this aappam ...look awesome

My kids like the store-bought Osmania paniyaram, and I've had it on my list of things to accomplish for a very long time. Lastly, I tried the Bake-A-Thon, and it tasted help with exam online almost just like the ones from the shop.

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