Eggless Vanilla Tea Cake

Vanilla flavored tea cakes or pound cakes are my kids favorite and used to make it often.But these days due to diet conscious and gluten intolerance,baking takes back seat.For the year 2018,this cake was the first bake happened in my kitchen in last week of November.
Coming back to the recipe,it's a recipe noted down from a good friend of mine.This is a butter less cake,uses olive oil and yogurt with some basic ingredients.This cake is mildly sweet and perfect to serve with a cup of tea.

                                                 Eggless Vanilla Tea Cake

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 15-20 minutes
   Baking time ~ 40-42 minutes
   Makes ~ 2 (6"x 3") loaf


All purpose flour/maida
 1.5 cups
Custard powder
2 tbs
Milk powder
2 tbs
Baking powder
1 tsp
Baking soda
1/8 tsp
Granulated white sugar
1 cup
Olive oil or any neutral oil
1/2 cup
Vanilla extract
1 tsp
a pinch
2 tbs
2-3 tbs

  • Take all purpose flour,baking powder,baking soda,custard powder,milk powder and salt and mix it well.Sieve it for couple of times.Grease the baking pan with baking spray or oil and dust some flour.Keep it aside and preheat the oven in 350 F.
  • Now in a bowl take the,yogurt,olive oil and whisk in a hand blender or whisker for 30 seconds.Now to this,add the sugar and whisk it well until creamy.Add in the vanilla extract and mix it well.
  • To this add in the sieved flour mixture in batches and gently combine it well.If needed add in the milk and mix it well. 
  • Pour the batter into greased pan and keep this in a preheated oven.Bake it for 40-42 minutes(mine took 42 minutes) or until a tooth pick comes out clean.Let it rest it for couple of minutes and invert the cake to a wire rack and allow it to cool completely.
  • Slice and serve it.

  • The sweetness was just perfect with the given measurement.If you want the cake to be on the sweeter side add up to 1.25 cups
  • Slice the cake once its completely cool down.
  • As the batter raises,fill pan 3/4th with the cake batter.



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Nalini baking has taken a back seat in most families , I guess once in a while is fine .
The tea cake looks perfectly baked with a good texture . I think I have a similar recipe for one of the tea cakes that will come up soon .

wonderful texture nalini! The cake looks perfect! It is same case with many here nalini, i geared up just for the bake-a-thon, or else my oven would have gone into depression ;)

The cake looks perfect and awesome Nalini. Wonderful texture and love the fact that it is with oil.

Without eggs and butter this so good and the texture is just perfect.. bookmarking to try soon!!

Vanilla cake looks so moist and soft with nice crumbs.Perfectly baked and beautiful presented.

Look at the texture, cant believe its an eggless cake Nalini. How beautiful its looks. With nice crumb,those slices tempts me a lot.

Love that it’s eggless and butterfree ! Looks so yum with that golden hue of the crust

That is a fantastic cake Nalini. Love the texture of the cake so much. Without eggs, you have made ti perfect.

That is one fantastic eggless cake with fine crumb.

yes please my kind of tea cake - I am not a chocolate lover so this is for me definitely!

The crumb of the cake looks so beautiful! A must try, especially for those afternoon tea... or even a picnic!

Perfectly baked tea cake. Crumb looks so good. Perfect when served with a hot cup of coffee

This Vanilla cake looks absolutely delicious and so well baked!! I am tempted to make one and enjoy with my adrakwalichai!!

Perfect for an afternoon cup of tea. The texture is very good and you have captured it so well in the pictures.

Beautiful texture. This cake is perfect for a cold day with hot chocolate.

Vanilla cakes can be served simply with frosting, or baked into cupcakes it can be made more special by stirring in mini chocolate chips or crushed Oreo.

I tried and it's great! One modification- i needed 4 tbsp milk to make the batter become less stiff. Tasted great on day of baking, will wait today and see how it is on next day.

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