Chocolate Banana Bundles /Chocolate Apple Bundles

Chocolate banana bundle is quick,irresistible dessert can be made in no time if the puff pasty is available in the refrigerator.Mostly I make the puff pastry in large quantities and store it in the freezer.

 The weather is getting cold and dull, as a result not much of sunlight,wanted to bake a quick recipe so that I can click it in the day light.As I have puff pastry in the freezer, got the idea of using it and make this dessert which I had it couple of weeks back in a party.

For this recipe,all you need is to stuff some sugar coated banana or apple in the pastry sheet,fold it and bake.Once it cools down drizzle it with some melted chocolate.


                    Chocolate Banana Bundles /Chocolate Apple Bundles

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 15-20 minutes
   Baking time ~ 18-22 minutes
   Makes ~ 10-12


Puff Pastry
 2  sheets
Banana (medium ripe)
2(sliced lengthwise)
1 (sliced)
Brown sugar
2 tbs
2 tbs
Chocolate chips
1/3 cup
Powdered sugar
as need for

  • Line the baking pan with parchment paper and keep it aside. Preheat the oven in 400 F.
  • Now in a pan add the butter and sugar,turn on the flame.Let the sugar melts.Put off the flame.
  • Now add in the sliced banana and apple wedges,gently toss it well so that the sugar coats well.
  • Take the pastry sheet and on a floured surfaced gently roll it and cut it to 4x4 piece.Now gently keep the apple or banana slice in the center of the sheet.Overlap both the corners of pastry sheet over the banana as shown in the picture. 
  •  Pinch it well to seal properly.Arrange it on a lined baking tray. 
  • Bake it in the pre-heated oven for 18-20 minutes or until the bundles turned golden and crisp.Meanwhile melt the chocolate in the double boiler.Once the bundles are cool down,drizzle the melted chocolate on it.
  • Sprinkle the powdered sugar and serve it.

  • While overlapping both the sides,pinch it well.If it is too dry then apply some water and pinch it.
  • For the apple bundle sprinkle some cinnamon powder over the apple for extra rich flavor.
  • If needed egg wash or milk wash can be done.
  • Drizzle the chocolate on to the bundles,once it is cool down.



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Wow those sweet treats look so sinful Nalini..very nice for a holiday season.

Ultimate bundles.. Truly irresistible,am in love with that chocolate banana bundles.. I dont mind having some rite now.

Puff pastry is so versatile , one can play around with it . Interesting banana bundles with that chocolate , they would lure anyone . Simple yet flavourful .

These are some really cute looking bundles with bananas and apples. With puff pastry ready, this would take hardly any time to get ready.

A cup of hot coffee and a couple of these bundles nice and warm, in front of a fireside... sounds like a dream! Love the caramalized banana and apple filling and very easy to make too...

Wow!! Look at these yummy chips. Doesn't Banana make the pastry soggy?

That is such an easy to make and delicious treat with puff pastry. Great for making last minute desserts for guests.

They look so cute and neat.. Yummy bites..

puff pastry is so versatile to put together both sweet and savory treats so easily. These look fantastic!

Beautifully baked banana parcels just right for the festive season!!

Wow these are so easy to bake if we have puff pastry. Yumm. Beautifully framed

OMG, look at those cute bundles!!! Superb nalini, love the clicks, beautiful composition!!!

Puffed pastry, Caramelized bananas, and chocolate together sound fabulous. The bundles with sugar dusting are looking lovely.

Wow this looks so yum. I have a puff pastry sheet in my freezer and I did not wanted to do the same stuffing, must try.

Perfect snack for winter. Love the mix of flavors.

Chocolate Apple banana bundles with puff pastry looks so beautiful and delicious.

spectacular and quick dish with Puff pastry ! never heard or seen ' bundles' ... wow ...

Superb Nalini! these Chocolate apple and banana bundles look sooo good.

I personally like your article and thumbs up to you for sharing!

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I really like your recipe. I always order these from Top Bakery in Ambala but after reading your blog I will try make this at home.

Thats great article.Its informative and useful information for us.Thanks for sharing this post.

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