Spicy Roasted Peanuts

For day 2 recipe in Blogging Marathon 67 th edition themed under Go Nuts is spicy roasted peanuts.Peanuts is a great snack option and we love to munch salted peanuts.I always stocked up,peanuts in my pantry to make some snacks.This spicy roasted peanuts is a quick snack,can be made in no time.All you need is to roast the peanuts and spice it up red chilly powder and black pepper powder.Its a perfect evening snack along with a cup of tea or coffee.Its a great option for party snack.Off to the recipe............

                                                                                                                                                                            Spicy Roasted Peanuts

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 15 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 2-3 minutes
   Makes ~ 1.25 cups


Roasted Peanuts/verkadalai
1.25 cups
Red chilly powder/milgai podi
1/2 -3/4 tsp
Turmeric powder/manjal podi
1/2 tsp
Black pepper powder/milgu podi
1/4 tsp(optional)
a pinch
Curry leaves/karivepillai
few leaves
1 tsp
1 tsp


  •   Roast the peanuts in a MW for 2 minutes and remove the skin by rubbing between palms.Keep it aside.

  • Now heat a pan with oil and toast the curry leaves.Once the curry leaves are toasted add the spice powders,salt and asafoetida.Mix it well for 30 seconds and put off the flame.
  • Now add the roasted peanuts and mix it well till the spices coat the peanuts evenly.Let it cool down completely.
  • Store in an air tight container after cooling.

  • After adding the spice powder,immediately switch off the flame,otherwise it may burn. 
  • After mixing the nuts in the spice powders mix it well to coat evenly.
  • A clove of crushed garlic can also be added along with curry leaves for extra flavor.
  • The roasted peanuts may not be crunchy when it is hot,so let it cool down completely.
  • If you are using the raw peanuts then roast it in a MW for few minutes and turn it in between.


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Oh wow , the peanuts look amazing . I feel like grabbing the jar ! Easy to make and perfect for munching , super Nalini .

Simply love this roasted peanuts, if i make this peanuts at home i wont stop munching, dangerously addictive peanuts.

wow am just gawking the capture :) it might be simple but you have captured them elegantly nalini :) awesome recipe and well presented.. Now send me some to munch on :)

Amazing click.. Any time munching snack.

Beautiful capture, as always. I am drooling over spicy peanuts. This is such an addictive snack.

Omg beautiful looking peanuts.Love each picture and your presentation.

OMG! Can't resist these spicy nuts!

love the first click SN Semma u r so good at photography and super tempting snack recipe

Beautiful Clicks Nalini! I cannot really take my eyes off the pictures. :) These roasted peanuts seems to be quite addictive!

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