Carrot Cashew Coconut Burfi

Entering the 2nd week of Blogging Marathon#57 and this week is going to be Desserts.Today's one is a barfi made with carrot,cashews and coconut.As Diwali is around the corner wanted to share something related to it.
Coming to the recipe,its more similar to the 7 cup burfi but the amount of ghee used is less.Addition of carrot gives a nice color to the burfi.Lets move on to the recipe.............................

                                                              Carrot Cashew Coconut Burfi

    Basic Information

    Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
    Cooking time ~ 25-30 minutes
    Makes ~  12


Carrot(grated)3/4 cup
Cashews/mundiri1/4 cup
Coconut(grated)3 tbs
Gram flour/kadalamaavu1/2 cup
Sugar/sakkarai1 cup+2tbs
Milk/paal1/2 cup
Ghee/nei5 tbs
Cardamom powder/ellakai1/4 tsp


  • Grate the carrot and grind it in a blender to a fine paste.Powder the cashews,sieve the gram flour and set it aside.Grease a tray with few drops of ghee and keep it aside.
  • In a thick bottom or non stick pan heat around a tsp of ghee and roast the gram flour in a medium flame till a nice aroma comes out.Care should be take not to over brown the flour.
  • Once the flour is roasted well put off the flame,to the roasted gram flour add the pureed carrot,powdered cashews,sugar,milk and half of the ghee.Mix it well without any lumps.Now turn on the flame to medium and start stirring continuously.
  • Now add the rest of the ghee and stir it continuously,once the mixture becomes slightly thick add in the cardamom powder and mix it.
  • Keep stirring and at one stage the mixture gets thicker and leaves the side of the pan.Now pour the mixture to the greased tray and level.
  • When the mixture reached warm,using a knife or pizza cutter mark the lines of your desired shape.After it cools down completely,cut it.
  • Store it in an air tight container.

  • Here I used the desiccated coconut,instead fresh grated coconut can also be used..
  • After the mixture becomes thicker reduce the flame otherwise it may get burnt.
  •  Finely chopped pistachios can be topped as soon as the the mixture is poured into the tray.


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Carrot cashew and coconut is a very unique combination. Turned out perfect.

Loved this barfi combo , will come back again , will try it for Diwali . Excellent recipe !!

Quite a different burfi, for sure.

such an interesting combination you got there Nalini!

The burfi has come out so perfect and love the color of it. I am going to try it soon :)

The combination is unique and shall have to try this soon.

What a lovely looking burfi. Love the color carrots add to the dish.

cashew would make it so creamy and buttery for sure

Very different and definitely a very rich burfi, you nailed them prefectly.

Wonderful looking burfis.Bookmarked for Diwali.

That's a lovely flavor for barfis....lip smacking

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