No Bake,Eggless Creme Caramel ~ Guest Post by Priya Suresh

As a part of my blog's second anniversary again I am with a guest post by well known blogger Whose recipes are popular in the blogosphere.Yes....its Priya Suresh of Priyas Versatile Kitchen.
Priya is one such wonderful friend and got her friendship through Blogging Marathon.I love her recipes especially her baking and the way she presents,Thank you so much Priya for this wonderful recipe.

Now present you Priya in her own words

Am Priya suresh, who blogs at Priya's versatile recipes, am  a bakeholic who loves to bake. My fellow blogger Nalini, no no she is more than that, a wonderful sister, a down to earth darling, a truthful friend and my close buddy asked me few months back,yep you are rite she asked me long back to write a guest post for her but i couldnt send her my guest post earlier. Finally i decided to make a guest post for a celebration. Nalini, the blogger celebrates her two years of blogging life in September and my best wishes to her to keep going in this incredible virtual world.

Actually i know Nalini through blogging marathon before few years back,i'll never forget to visit her space and she share mouthwatering recipes with breath taking pictures. Beware dont go to her space while you are hungry,yes each and every pictures of her food will tempt you definitely and you will go crazy. If you are searching authentic dishes, just check her space and you will definitely fallen in love with her post.

When she asked me for the guest post, she wants me to make a French bakes,but sorry Nalini i couldnt keep my words, i prepared a no bake French dessert specially for you.Hope you will definitely like this eggless, no gelatin dessert. Sending to you with loads of love my dear buddy.

No Bake Eggless Créme Caramel

Crème caramel or caramel custard is a custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top, as opposed to crème brûlée, which is custard with a hard caramel top. The dish is eaten throughout the world eventhough is dessert is from French Cuisine.

Crème caramel goes for a plain custard where sugar syrup cooked to caramel stage is poured into the mold before adding the custard base. It is usually cooked in a bain-marie on a stove top or in the oven in a water bath. It is turned and served with the caramel sauce on top, hence the alternate French name crème caramel renversée.

But my version of No Bake Eggless Créme caramel doesnt need a oven and its completely egg free, this dessert goes for custard flour, Full fat milk, sugar and agar agar. Just with 4 ingredients you can make an incredible french dessert even if dont have oven at home. Have you noticed that this dessert is also gelatin free, i used china grass aka agar agar in this créme caramel, if you want to make with gelatin feel free to use it.

   Full fat Milk-4cups

   Custard Powder-3tbs
   Sugar (for custard)-1cup
   Agar agar powder -2tbs or 1/4cup Agar agar (chopped)
   Sugar for caramel-3tbs


  • Soak the china grass in 3/4 cup of cold water for 1 hour. Put to cook on a slow flame until it dissolves.
  • If you are using agar agar powder dont do this step with it.
  • Meanwhile make a caramel syrup, cook the sugar of caramel with water,pour the water just to cover the sugar.
  • Cook the sugar until they turns golden brown, just tilt than pan and pour the caramel syrup to the ramekins and keep aside.
  • Add in the custard powder,sugar to the milk and whisk well until the sugar and custard powder gets dissolves.
  • Cook this mixture until its turns semi liquid. Now add the already prepared agar agar or agar agar powder.
  • Cook everything in simmer until it turns thick.
  • Let it cool a bit, spoon this eggless custard to the already prepared ramekins.
  • Once the custard gets cool completely, cover the ramekins with a plastic wrap and place it in fridge for atleast two hours.
  • While serving, loosen the sides of the ramekin with a knife. Invert the chilled créme caramel to a plate.

  • Enjoy as a dessert.


wow what a lovely post... omg... aks its awesome even i love to try this eggless dessert... So so drool worthy...

what a picture :) cann't take my eyes!

Thanks Nalini for giving me an opportunity for this guest post, loved making these eggless desserts for u.

Drooling over here. Wonderful guest post by Priya akka. Thanks Nalini for sharing.

today's post:

lovely guest post.. such a apt recipe by akka...

Wow.....m lost for words...its just too good....another standing ovation for Priya!!!

fantastic presentation priya sis :)

super tempting dessert. Super click make it even more tempting

omg such an delicious and sinful eggless creme . so very well explained :) looks so yummy and delicious aks :) a very lovely post by both of you :)

very lovely guest post Priya and creme caramel looks simply superb...

Wonderful guest post.Well done to the two of you!

Any substitute for agar agar?

My my ! Sinfully delicious ... tempting and delicious creme caramel, thanks Priya for this eggless and no bake dessert, bookmarked to try...lovely post Nalini..Congratulation on your blog's 2 nd Anniversary!!

wow its so tempting dear. want to grab one.

thank you for the recipe it came out beautiful....

Where can we buy agar agar in India ? Any suggestions ?


Thanks for the recipe. It came out awesome and had to drop a comment. Thanks again!!!

My caramel sets hard and while removing part of it is hard and remains in the mould. What is yhe solution?

If you don't have agar agar can you substitute with normal gelatin?

if using gelatin how much quantity to be used and how to use

if using gelatin how much quantity to be used and how to use

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