Its a Baby Girl

Hello friends we are happy to share that we were blessed with a baby girl on Sep.27 2012.Her brother is so excited and named her Maya.As I am spending most of the time with my sweet bundle,not able to do blogging regularly.Will be back soon once I get used to the new routine.


She is beautiful, enjoy your new bundle of joy. It is hectic still time is precious.

Adorable cute and sweet..Happy motherhood!!

She is so cute Nalini....Congratulations! Enjoy every moment with your precious little one.

Very cute and sweetie Maya. Congrats dear.

wow very cte!!! congrats nalini,,,
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congratulations!enjoy every moment with her!

Cute lil pie.... Congo !

congrats dear... cute Maya... enjoy with little one...

she is so cute.. enjoy with cutie maya..

Congraguatuons to the parents and she lokks so so cute. Umma to her.

Congrats....she soooooo cute..

My wishes to you Nalini. Now I understand the reason behind your absence. She looks so cute. Spend time with her and enjoy every moment.

Congratulations Nalini...She looks so Cute...loved her name too :)
Take good care!!!

so adorable and cute...congratulations dear!

Congrats Nalini, cute and soo adorable lil princess, loved her name.. Take care.

congrats for the new born,i am ur next follower.
Take care

she is adorable ...god bless this cute sweety long life...congrats nalini...
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Wow....Congrats Nalini :) Maya's adorable..God bless you lil angel!!

So that's the reason for the long break, enjoy Nalini, she looks very cute..

congrats, maya looks very cute......

She is beautiful! Enjoy the baby.

Friends,Thank you so much for your wishes and blessings for Maya..

HEarty congratulations Nalini... Maya is a doll! :) I would like to add on to ur happiness by sharing an award with u... pls chk my blog :)

Good to see Maya. Very cute. Congratulations.

nice pic. i have found a tool to find baby girl names - baby girl names

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