Cream of Rice to make Rice Upma(Arisi Upma)and Steamed Dumpling(Kozhukattai)

Today is the final day for this week of Blogging Marathon #18 and today's post is how to make the rice rawa for upma  and kozhukattai.
Arisi upma is a breakfast or dinner item served along with the coconut chutney or brinjal kothsu.For this upma the rice needs to be processed and broken into rawa and used.The rawa can be prepared in ahead and stored.
My grandmother used a stone processor to break the rice and she uses only rice.One of my friend's grand mom uses toor dhal or moong dhal along with the rice and the upma is very tasty.Since then I also added dhal along with rice.
If you spend 20-30 minutes in the kitchen with your blender or food processor the rawa will be ready.It is very handy to make upma in a lazy day or kozhukattai as a evening snack for the kids.


Raw rice/Paccharisi3cups
Toor Dhal/thuvaram paruppu1/2cup


  • Rinse the rice and dhal 2-3 times and soak it with enough water for an hour.After an hour drain the water completely and spread it on a cotton towel or cloth.Let it dry for an hour,it should be damp.
  • Take the rice and dhal mixture in a blender or food processor and pulse to the rawa consistency.Once everything is done dry the broken rice and dhal mixture under the shade or sunlight till it gets completely dried.
  • After drying completely sieve it in a fine strainer so that the powdered one will be separated and store the rice rawa in an air tight container.

  • The soaking time should be exactly an hour only,if it soaks for a long time it get powdered.
  • The drying time for the soaked rice is also very important,it should be damp enough to get a perfect coarse rawa.
  • The broken rice can be sun dried or dried under the shade,sometimes in winter I dry it in the oven.Pre-heat the oven for 200F for 5 minutes and put off.Then spread the rawa in a aluminum tray and keep it inside.
  • There won't be any moisture in the rawa while storing and this can be stored in the normal temperature for 3 months.
  • As we like the coarse one,I made it little bit grainy,it depends on personal preference.
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Super Nalini! Unique Basic recipes, ithu aethaiyume naan panninathu kidaiyathu :) have to learn many things from u!! Thanks for sharing!! Like ur presentation n pics!! Great effort!!

Super clicks and a good information....

lovely mixture Nalini.. reminds me that its ages since i made Arisi Upma (probably make it for dinner tonight ?? :))

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inviting clicks.. like it..

Excellent and handy mix, my mom do the same way,but i never tried making it.

Hi Nalini ,

very interesting:)))

Keep on Dear ...

Nice info.I don't add dal to my rice rava and i mke rava little more thin..

very informative and interesting!!! beautiful clicks..

Wow I have never made this myself..very informative ..Enjoyed your posts as always!

Mu mom use to make rice rawa upma but I never tried it. If i decide to make it sometime, I can follow this recipe to make the rawa. Thanks for sharing!

Never tried this before..

Very useful post.. Never tried it though.. Clicks are beautiful as usual.

Looks so perfect. Do you have Indian style mixer?

never use this, but i like the i wud love to try it

My grandmother used to prepare this and store it for quick and easy upma....makes me so nostalgic. Looks awesome Nalini.

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