This post has been lying in my draft since Diwali and finally posted it today.Murukku is a traditional snack which prepared for festival especially Diwali.There are lot of variants in the murukku recipe and this is my mom's recipe,uses home made rice flour. I used the store bought rice flour and here is the recipe for crunchy and yummy murukku....


Rice flour 4cups
Urad dhal1cup
Roasted gram dhal(pottukadalai)1/4cup
Cumin seeds1tbs
Butter 5tbs
Asafoetida 1/4tsp
Salt to taste
Oil for frying


                 Dry roast the urad dhal to a nice golden brown color and powder it in the blender and sieve it(used store bought urad flour and roasted it),powder the pottukadali and sieve it.
Take a large mixing bowl and mix rice flour,urad flour,roasted gram dhal flour,cumin seeds,salt and butter.Make a smooth  and stiff dough with water.
Heat the pan with oil and fill the murukku press with the prepared dough using the round eyed disc.Squeeze it on a ladle or small plates.
Drop it carefully in the oil once the oil becomes hot enough.Cook both the sides till the sizzling sound stops and drain it on a paper towel.
Once it becomes cool store it in an air tight container.

  • Instead of cumin seeds,sesame seeds can be used.
  • If you are making large quantities make the dough in batches otherwise the color may turn dark.
  • While dropping the murukku the oil should be hot,then reduce the temperature to medium.


First time I see a recipe with roasted gram - makes for an interesting taste - They look Perfect Nalini :) Wish I could taste them!

Murukku looks perfect...crunchy n yummy!!

Wow..Awesome Muruku.. looks nice dear :)

crunchy murukku....a perfect tea time snackj....

Very nicely done, I can never get such perfect shapes, looks awesome Nalini..

Great recipe.Thanks for sharing such a yummy one with us.

Crisp n crunchy murukku! I had a tough time with the murukku press you have used, and it's sleeping in my pantry after that onetime trial! I use the screw type press in which this plate is missing! :)

Really appreciate your traditional recipes.. !

Snack looks great & crunchy!!! Loved the recipe :)

very crunchy snack, My fav murukku

I was thinking of trying murukku at home as my daughter loves these...thnx for the recipe ..bookmarked !

Very ethnic, authentic and clearly appetizing:) Love your slide are making me hungry.

Yummy Murukke, crispy and delicious teatime snack :-)
Just came in to check on you since Its been a while I didn't hear anything from ur blog. Hope all is well out there, tc..

hi nalini for 4 cup rice flour cup urad dal flour r urad dal?

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