Cashew Coconut Burfi

For the final day of Diwali sweet and savories is a simple and exotic cashew coconut burfi.Coconut burfi is a traditional sweet and can be made in so many ways.

Today's version is a very simple one and doesn't need of any sugar syrup consistency.For an added and rich taste,here I have used some cashew powder.As we like slightly soft burfi and I made it such a way.If you want a crispy version then keep the mixture on the flame for another minute or two.

                                                  Cashew Coconut Burfi

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 20 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 15-20 minutes
   Serves ~ 10-12 pieces(depending on the size)


1 cup tightly packed)
1- 1.25 cups
Whole Cashews/mundiri
3 tsp
Grated coconut
1 tbs
Cardamom powder/ellakai podi1/2 tsp

  • Pulse the cashews in a blender with intervals to a fine powder and keep it aside.Grease a tray with a tsp of ghee and set it aside.
  • In a pan take the grated coconut and sugar,sprinkle a tbs of water and turn on the flame.The flame should be in  low to medium.Stir in continuously until the sugar melts.
  • Once and the mixture becomes thick add in the powdered cashews and cardamom powder.Mix it well and stir it for a minute and add in 2 tsp of ghee.Stir it until the mixture leave the sides of the pan.
  • Now take it out from the flame and pour it on the greased plate or tray.Level it with a greased spoon or spatula.After 10 minutes with the help of a knife or pizza cutter mark lines to cut it into desired shape.Gently remove the pieces from the tray after it cools down completely.
  • Store it in an air tight container.

  • Here I have used 1 cup of sugar for 1 cup of grated coconut and the sweet was perfect for us.If you need more sweeter burfi,then it can be increased up to 1.25 cups.
  • Stir in continuously to prevent burning.
  • Once the mixture becomes thick and bit difficult to stir then it has reached the consistency and need to be taken out from the flame.
  • While pouring it on the tray sometimes the mixture might be in a runny consistency but after cooling it will be perfect.



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Rich looking coconut burfi, adding cashew to coconut burfi looks absolutely incredible. Feel like having some.

Wow! What a twist to the classic coconut burfi. I shall try this for sure.

It is like combining two Indian classic burfis into one. They must have tasted amazing.

Thanks for sharing this recipe. i like this burfis.
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