Chilly Cheese Toast/Chilli Cheese Toast

Be it a snack or light dinner,this cheese toast is perfect,extremely easy to make. A fusion recipe loaded with cheese and kids would love it.

This toast can be made in both oven and stove top but today's version is a later.To make the toast even more attractive,colored bell peppers can be used.Off to the recipe..

                                            Chilly Cheese Toast/Chilli Cheese Toast

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 5 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 10 minutes
   Serves ~2-3


Bread slices(white or wheat)
Mozzarella cheese
3/4- 1 cup (grated)
Green bell pepper/kudamilagai
1/2 cup(finely chopped)
Green chilly/pachamilagai
2 (finely chopped)
Crushed pepper
1 tsp or as per taste
Butter/vennai1 tbs

  • Toast the bread for 30-45 seconds in a hot tawa and apply some butter on each bread.
  • Now on the top of the bread slice sprinkle generously grated cheese.Then top it  with green chilly and bell pepper.Also sprinkle some crushed pepper.Reduce the flame and cover it with a lid till the cheese gets melted.
  • Remove it from the tawa,cut diagonally each bread slice.
  • Serve it warm.




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    This one is surely a classic and most sought out one by kids and elders alike!..I love these toast ..

    Love that cheesy bite with that capsicum crunch. My favorite combo. This is one such classic dish. Very nice.

    Wow I never get tired of cheese toast. This one looks delicious.

    My kind of bread toast, how cheesy and irresistible those toasts looks. Drooling here.

    My go to toast in the morning !! Simply awesome clicks :)

    Such a wonderful presentation of this classic chilly cheese toast. Love it.

    This is too tempting. Haven't made one in a long time. Tomorrow breakfast is guess what :)

    I love cheese toast.. looks so cheesy and delicious.

    Cheese toast for a easy and perfect breakfast!!

    Cheese is love and this post is sooooooo awesome. thanks for sharing this blog post with us.

    Oh wow, that looks absolutely amazing! So cheesy and mmm...sarah recepies blog

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